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Musicians Linkage provides opportunities for gigs to all of its members in various locations and environments.  Each member is carefully trained by Dr. Goh Chia-Chien who shares his experiences as the founder of Kampung Strings (now the MPYO), a former tutti violinist in organizations such as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, former concert master of orchestras such as the Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra, former soloist including performances in places like Carnegie Hall, and former studio musician for movies in the US and Malaysia such as Ola Bola, Paranoia, Cosmic Code, etc.  Dr. Goh has also performed premieres of violin concertos by composers such as Professor Jerry Hui and Hollywood composer Corey Wallace, and is one of only two people alive to have reached his technical achievements on the violin.  The combination of Dr. Goh’s vast experiences contribute to the unique performance education offered to each member to deliver the best possible performance education possible from any corner of the world.  Due to the intensive training our musicians endure under the harsh tutelage of Dr. Goh, Musicians Linkage members are carefully groomed and selected for each gig to ensure a great experience for members and audiences alike.  For more information on Dr. Goh

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Musicians Linkage endeavors to find important international forces in the music performance industry to give masterclasses at our studio to raise the understanding and education of our members.  These master classes are open to the public so that the incredible lessons from our selected experts can be shared to all interested parties.

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Seminars by experts in their fields are regularly conducted at the ML Studio.  Although we book these seminars for our members, we open these wonderful learning events up to the public.  Musicians Linkage careful screens the people we invite to give seminars in order to make sure we offer only the best in the industry to our members.

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There are times when our members need help outside of just performance practice, such as how to select great instruments, how to fix minor problems, or how to do proper maintenance to their equipment.  For these topics and more, we invite in established experts in their fields to teach a limited amount of members or public participants to learn these important lessons from our invited experts.

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With consistent exposure to industry giants and international superstars, our members are trained in multiple genres at the highest levels found in Malaysia.

From classical to jazz, pop, movie soundtracks, anime, and rock, you name it, we have it.

Our members are also experienced from music videos and professional level recordings to wedding functions and full blown big government events.

Thinking of a small scale and tight knit, personal event? Think no more. Our members are able to perform in any range : from small duet and quartet ensembles, or ante up to a full chamber orchestra or swing band.

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact our representative CK Wong (+6016 544 5138) or Zex Ku (+6010 204 3079) for further information.

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