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“Improvement in nearly all aspects of musical performance is likely and increased confidence on stage would be definite.”

Dr. Chia-Chien Goh, Artistic Director

Cinematic Souls – A Fudraising Initiative by The Philomusica Society

PPG Annual Dinner, 8 March 2024

Wedding Dinner, 6 October 2023

Wedding Dinner, 16 & 17 September 2023

CHXpress Anniversary, 23 August 2023

Wedding Dinner, 9 July 2023

Wedding Event, 8 March 2023

Association of Malaysian Spas Charity Event 2020

FGS Hsingmasi 新馬寺藝起玩樂童樂會 2019

Malaysia-China Friendship Association Charity Dinner 2019

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Annual Dinner 2019

A&M Beauty Wellness Product Launch 2019

Dutch Lady Frisco Product Launch 2019

FIRST CLASSE 2019 Annual Dinner

Wedding Dinner, 7 September 2019

University of Malaya, Faculty of Law, Final Year Fine Dining 2018/2019

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