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The Musicians Linkage Company, through the use of our intended company structure, presents the Philomusica Jazz Ensemble (PJE), led by Artistic Director Dr. Goh Chia-Chien, with supplementary coaching from international experts in wind instrument performance, which will be a crucible of producing international class professional music performers.  This group will perform at the highest level possible and performances will garner ticket money to be split between the company and the performers. Additionally, the PJE will be a performance and networking platform. Some members of the PJE will be selected to perform in functions where they can potentially earn a comfortable income, will be sent for professional orchestra auditions, and potentially be sent for further education and performance opportunities in other countries with superior opportunities. All of the musicians have the option to be connected with students and be given opportunities to teach as well for extra income and would be ranked according to tiers in respect to their qualifications, experience, and teaching capabilities.

Artistic Director

Artistic Director – Dr.Goh Chia-Chien


Wan Fadzil Adlan

Yong Yan Ning

Xan Chong

Justin Lee Suppiah

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