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Born in Shanghai, Lingyi (Olivia) Zhang discovered her passion for the violin at the mere age of four. Under the nurturing guidance of Ms. Bonnie Lee, graduated from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Master and Bachelor of Music, Founder of Primo Music Pedagogy Music, Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, First Violin. Olivia’s talent swiftly blossomed. She performed at renowned venues in Shanghai, including the prestigious Suez Hall and the Hongqiao Convention Hall, and enriching the artistic scene in art galleries and museums. Beyond solo performances, Olivia exhibited an aptitude for collaboration. She routinely joined forces with chamber music ensembles, offering a richer tapestry of sound.
2023 marked a pivotal turn in her journey, as she began training under Dr. Goh Chia-Chien, the Artistic Director of Musicians Linkage, UCSI University Violin Lecturer, Sunway University Principal Advisor. The Philomusica Society association not only brought her into the Musicians Linkage PSO/PYSO fold but also led her to regular performances at Menara KEN TTDI. Olivia shared her craft for a charitable cause, taking the stage at UCSI University in Malaysia for an NGO event.
Olivia’s musical mastery not just resonated with audiences but also earned her accolades on competitive platforms. From clinching The Second Place at the San Francisco International Innovative Music Competition in 2020 to being celebrated with The First Place Certificate in the International Music Competition Best Vivaldi Performance, the Gold Award at the Beijing International Music Festival in 2021. She shone brightly in the 2022 8th Euro National Conservatory of Music Youth Competition, bagging both the third prize and the String Quartet Champion Award. Another feather in her cap was the Gold Award at the J.S. Bach International Open Music Festival in 2022 and The Gold Award Certificate in the 2023 North American International Music Competition (Final Round).
Olivia does not take the violin merely as an instrument, but a vessel for emotions, a canvas to paint her stories, and a testament of her personality. Through the harmonious strings of her violin, she believes in the universality of music, where myriad tunes come together in a grand symphony of life.

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