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Philomusica Strings Camp will be conducted by Musicians Linkage’s Artistic Director, Dr. Chia-Chien Goh, and Prof. Andrzej Grabiec, a prize winner of two International Violin Competitions, Concertmaster of more than four major orchestras, Conductor, Professor, and Soloist – Both faculty of the Clazz International Music Festival.

In this camp, we not only cover one to one directed practice but also master class performance and professional grooming.

To find out more, please refer to the FAQ section below.

To enrol, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or click here! We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


15th January 2020, Wednesday.

  • 07:30am : Gather for transport to breakfast area.
  • 08:00am : Breakfast.
  • 09:00am : Rehearsal @ studio.
  • 12:30pm : Lunch.
  • 02:00pm : Rehearsal @ studio.
  • 05:00pm : Meet with guest coach / Q&A session.
  • 06:00pm : Dinner.
  • 07.30pm : Directed practise.
  • 11:00pm : Lights out.

16th January 2020, Thursday.

  • 07:30am : Gather for transport to breakfast area.
  • 08:00am : Breakfast.
  • 09:00am : Rehearsal @ studio.
  • 12:30pm : Lunch.
  • 02:00pm : Rehearsal @ studio.
  • 06:00pm : Dinner.
  • 07:30pm : Masterclass with guest coach.
  • 11:00pm : Lights out.

17th January 2020, Friday.

  • 07:30am : Gather for transport to breakfast area.
  • 08:00am : Breakfast.
  • 10:00am : Rehearsal @ studio.
  • 12:30pm : Lunch.
  • 02:00pm : Directed practise.
  • 06:00pm : Dinner.
  • 07:.30pm : Dress rehearsal @ performance venue.
  • 11:00pm : Lights out.

18th January 2020, Saturday.

  • 08:00am : Gather for transport to breakfast area.
  • 08:30am : Breakfast.
  • 11:00am : Free & Easy.
  • 02:00pm – 04:00pm : Busking (selected pieces from Masterclass).
  • 05:00pm : Transport to performance venue + dress rehearsal.
  • 06:30pm : Dinner.
  • 08:00pm : Show time.
  • 10:00pm : After performance party.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I apply for an audition?
  2. What is the age limit for applying to the PSC?
    • There’s no age limit. Just as long as you can play at a grade 8 level (violin, viola or cello) or above. 
  3. I am not from Malaysia. May I join the camp?
    • Yes, you can.
  4. I am a member of a full-time professional orchestra. Do I still need to go through the audition process?
    • Yes, all camp candidates must pass the audition screening process in order to attend the camp. 
  5. I did not attend a Music College/Academy or study for a degree in music. May I still audition?
    • Yes, we will accept your application. All of our selections are dependent on candidate playing skills based on their audition video submissions.
  6. May I audition on more than one instrument?
    • Yes, you may apply for multiple instruments. Please just let us know on the Audition Application form. For this year, we will be focusing on String Orchestra, which is limited to violin, viola, cello, and double bass.
  7. Will the PSC pay my travel fare to and from the camp location if I do not live or study there?
    • No, currently our fees only include a T-Shirt, camp tag, certificate, and venue for rehearsal.
  8. What music will I need to prepare for my audition?
    • You will need to prepare one movement of a major Concerto and the 1st movement of the Divertimento in D Major by W. A. Mozart.
  9. May I get feedback from my audition?
    • No, due to the large number of auditions we cannot offer individual feedback.
  10. What are the requirements for participation in the Masterclass?
    • Masterclass participants are chosen only from candidates accepted into the PSC.
  11. How are candidates selected for Masterclass?
    • Candidates are chosen by the performance quality of their audition videos.
  12. May I perform a chamber ensemble selection in the Masterclass?
    • Yes, but the selection must meet the following requirements:
      • All chamber ensemble members must be attendants of the camp.
      • In order for your group to be eligible for Masterclass consideration, please submit a video recording of your ensemble performing their intended selection for the masterclass. Notification of selection for your group will be the same as for solo candidates.
      • Names of all chamber ensemble musicians must be mentioned in the remarks section below the ensemble youtube link in the Audition Application form.
  13. I’ve been accepted into the camp, so now what?
    • Congratulations! This means you are a PSC member for the ML Philomusica String Camp 2020.
      We will e-mail you the music that we will be performing for the concert and see you on 15th Jan 2020!
  14. Are all camp members given the opportunity to perform in the Masterclass?
    • Due to time constraints, spaces for the Masterclass are limited. Certain Masterclass performers may be selected for public performance on the last day of the camp
  15. What are the charges?
    • RM3,000.00 for non Musicians Linkage Member and RM2,500 for Musicians Linkage’s members.
  16. What will we get from this camp?
    • The focus of this camp is learning. We are bringing Prof. Andrzej Grabiec, the Polish concert violinist and conductor all the way from the University of Houston, Texas (USA) to Malaysia for this camp to guide, coach, and perform with you.
  17. Who should I contact for further questions?
    • Please feel free to contact Zex Ku at +6010-204 3079 by phone or Whatsapp; or email to and we’ll get back to you in 1~3 business days.

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